LandVision Spring 2014 Release is Here!

Document Images

We’ve been busy here at Digital Map Products shaping up the Spring 2014 release of LandVision. This new version includes robust capabilities and enhancements, and is the result of our customers’ valuable feedback.

You spoke and we listened! Making its debut in the new release is Document Images.* Waiting in line at courthouses or other government agencies while dealing with book and page numbers are a thing of the past. Now, it’s easier than ever to access digital copies of deeds and other property documents directly in LandVision. The actual scanned deeds associated with the property and its history contain a wealth of information to help you complete your due diligence and confirm official proof of ownership. Also available for some properties are mortgage, foreclosure, and easement documents.

For your convenience, we offer two flexible payment options for LandVision Document Images*: Pay-as-You-Go or Pre-Paid. With Pay-as-You-Go, you will need to enter a valid credit card number each time you want to view and download a Document Image. The Pre-Paid option allows you to purchase credits in advance for your organization that will be debited as you view and download documents.

Our most recent version of LandVision also includes a makeover of the Parcel Detail window. Analyzing properties at a glance gets even easier with an enhanced display and hyperlinks to additional information. New Property Information BalloonThe updated window features added information such as Land Use Description, Building Area to Lot Ratio and Last Market Sale stats. If the property has an additional owner, that second owner’s name will also display in the window. Going further, we completely redesigned and streamlined the Parcel Detail window for multi-unit properties such as condos and townhomes.

And that’s all not all – click on the interactive links in the new balloons to uncover deeper information. Hyperlinks can take you directly to the Property Details or Transaction History Reports. You can also run an Owner Portfolio Search** and even turn parcel measurements on by clicking on Lot Area.

We’re excited about the new features available in our Spring 2014 LandVision release and hope you’ll find them to be useful for your real estate research, analysis and decision making! To learn more about LandVision, visit:

*Document Images are available in LandVision Enterprise, Commercial and Builder Editions.

**Owner Portfolio Searches are available in LandVision Commercial and Builder Developer editions.

Digital Map Products Welcomes Bob Bray to Builder Developer Multifamily Division

Bob BrayWe are excited to welcome Bob Bray to the Digital Map Products team!

Bob joins DMP as the Director of Business Development focusing on the builder, developer and multifamily real estate space. With 25+ years of experience in the real estate information industry, Bob has a true understanding of what homebuilding players need to know to succeed.

Most recently Bob led strategic sales initiatives for Metrostudy, a premier national real estate information and consulting company and previously held sales and marketing executive positions with The Meyers Group. Bray’s insight into the homebuilding sector’s business needs for market data and related technology solutions will help us engage customers in leveraging our LandVision solution to maximize their development potential.

DMP’s flagship LandVision product for the homebuilding industry facilitates the identification, qualification, acquisition and ongoing management of land and redevelopment opportunities. To learn more, visit:

Digital Map Products Expands Builder Division with New Director of Business Development

Scott EllisonWe are excited about the most recent addition to our Builder Real Estate Division, Scott Ellison!  Scott, our new Director of Business Development, arrives at Digital Map Products with 15+ years experience and a wealth of knowledge in the real estate and homebuilding industries. Scott now leads our expanding team in providing targeted solutions to the homebuilding industry players across the entire US.

Digital Map Products’ LandVision™ Builder Developer solution enables the maximization of development potential through the identification, qualification, acquisition and ongoing management of land and redevelopment opportunities We provide organizations with tremendous advantages to serve as experts in their market and to seize land opportunities that otherwise may be missed.  By arming themselves with the quality data, robust mapping technology and analytical tools of LandVision™, businesses can reduce risk and stay one step ahead of their competition.

Scott has expansive knowledge of the homebuilding sector and critical insights on the importance of location based technology and data in advancing business interests.  Previously, Scott was Director of Business Development for Metrostudy, a Hanley Wood Company, overseeing new business growth in primary and secondary market information for housing related industries.  Prior to his role with Metrostudy, Scott held sales executive positions with Hanley Wood Market Intelligence and The Meyers Group. In addition, he has also served on the Board of Directors for the Homebuilders Council of Orange County.

To learn more about how Digital Map Products helps the homebuilding industry maximize their development potential with LandVision™, please visit

Lumentum Leverages Digital Map Products Mapping Technology

Digital Map Products recently announced that real estate analytics firm client, Lumentum, has entered into an expanded agreement to license our SpatialStream™ development platform to power the mapping in its pioneering DigiPan 3.0 technology platform. Lumentum’s DigiPan 3.0 brings real estate visual due diligence tools and advanced data visualization offerings to brokers, distressed real estate investors, and tax lien investors.

Lumentum is leveraging SpatialStream™ to incorporate innovative and interactive trend maps, heat maps and advanced spatial analysis capabilities in both its public website and forthcoming advanced analytics offerings. Lumentum’s DigiPan 3.0 users will be able to delve deeper into distressed real estate and tax lien market dynamics and more easily discover, understand and act upon market trends.

With Digital Map Products solutions, Lumentum and other clients can quickly access the latest in mapping technology & data to integrate into their own technology applications. Clients are empowered to advance their own innovative offerings providing actionable location analytics and business intelligence. Additionally, as Digital Map Products’ clients don’t have the requirement of needing to build a core competency in spatial technology, they can speed product development and bring offerings to market quickly with reduced development and maintenance costs.

SpatialStream™ is a cloud-based mapping development platform that helps companies create robust and intuitive mapping applications. By offering access to comprehensive spatial functionality, key geospatial data sets, and the latest innovations in mapping technology, SpatialStream™ provides a complete solution to meet organizations’ growing needs for location technology. To learn more, visit:

LandVision Commercial Fall 2013 Release is Here!

LandVision COnect

Digital Map Products is excited to announce the Fall 2013 release of LandVision™ Commercial. This new version includes several powerful new features including a mobile app, some major usability improvements, and performance enhancements.

The LandVision™ user experience is better than ever. We added a freehand drawing tool that streamlines the creation of complex polygons, and incorporated auto-complete in our search bar. We also simplified the process of creating and saving map views and introduced a new feature that lets you very quickly build a site map showcasing nearby amenities. And LandVision™ is faster than ever with our most recent performance updates.

Best of all, this release also brings a new smartphone app, LandVision™ Connect, designed from the ground up to make it simple for brokers to access key information and complete critical tasks while out in the field. The app works in conjunction with powerful new Contact Management capabilities in LandVision™ Commercial, letting you store, organize and access contact, property and site information. With Contact Management and the Connect app, both brokers and support staff benefit.

Our most recent version of LandVision™ Commercial includes solutions specifically tailored to the commercial real estate community and is revolutionizing the way brokers, analysts and researchers find properties and understand their markets, helping them close more deals. Successful commercial real estate decisions require capitalizing on the intersection of data and location. LandVision™ Commercial helps you do just that, providing a single system to research properties, collect and manage data using mobile technology, and analyzing markets and opportunities.

To learn more about LandVision™ Commercial, our new Fall release, and to register for a complimentary trial,